Types Of Wheel Alignment

The wheel alignment of your vehicle plays an important role in smooth driving of the vehicle. It may also affect your handling and can enhance the daily wear and tear. To avoid such situation,it is important to get the wheel alignment for your car checked by the professionals in Ystrad Mynach.

It is really a simple process which includes placing a vehicle on the aligning machine. It uses a laser guide that works towards setting and adjusting the suspension components back to its original condition. You may experience wheel aligning problem in several situations like driving, parking, taking your vehicle on slope and many more.

In such situations, you may feel that your vehicle is getting drifted or pulled on one side of the road. Some wheel alignment issues that you can face are as follows.


It is usually outward or inward angle of the wheel which can be seen from the front view of the vehicle. Multiple outward and inward tilts are also classified in positive as well as negative camber respectively. This is the situation in which you may experience that your vehicle’s wheel is not aligned properly and you need to take it to wheel alignment garage near me. The most important consideration to keep in mind if you are facing such situation is never turn your car on high speed or sharp turns.


Different from camber alignment, it is the situation in which your tires turn outward and inward when viewed from above. If you are getting confused in such investigation then simply standup and look at your feet and try to angle them inward to the center of your body. In the same way, wheels of your car are angled and known as toe-alignment and outward alignment is known as toe-out.

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